Monday, September 18, 2006

a day (+45 minutes) in the life

It’s been quite a while since I simply retrospectively blogged the day’s scheduled duties. I finished yesterday so whipped, I thought it appropriate to beg for pity from anyone who might chance upon my blog today.
So I woke yesterday morning to face an extremely emotional day. This I already knew. But I had no idea how the whole day would play out because everyone in my sphere and family (including me) don’t find it necessary to inform others of what you’re going to be needing them for until it is past time to have begun doing whatever it is.

So here’s how it played:

7:00 am – Rouse my own 3 hooligans and one extra that I’d acquired last night when I collected Jack from Marble Slab.

7:50 am – realizing that there’s no way I’ll get all 4 kids out of the house 5 minutes ago when I should have left, I drive off without them.

8:45 am – after providing groovy wah-heavy guitar for the gospel number in first service, I return home to collect the hoodlums. I rush back to prepare the troops for set-up and sound check at 9:15 for the 2nd and 3rd services.

10:45 am – I duck inside the kitchen to avoid blessers, enquirers, well-wishers, huggers, tearful eyes, and good-riddancers.

12:00 pm – finished closing song 26 seconds before Jack and Will stormed my area to tell me they had to hurry to Bellacino’s for a lunch meeting. “hurry, we’re going to be late.”
Meanwhile, blessers, enquirers, well-wishers, huggers, tearful eyes, are backed up at the edge of the stage waiting to speak to me.

12:26 pm – finally make it to car with gear and find very angry boys who are sure that life will end if they’re late to Bellacino’s. In the car, 4 hyenas chatter incessantly as I back out of my parking space directly into the bumper of the last person to hug me before I left the building.

12:45 pm – I carefully leave the parking lot and drive to Bellacino’s where I realize that I’ve left my wallet at the church and have no money to give the yahoos for lunch. Will, the wealthy family member, covers me and I drive off to take the extra kid home. I realize that I should have run out of gas yesterday and am panicked until I get to the gas station where I realize that no money to give the boys also means no money for gas. So I pray hard all the way back to the church and down the street to the gas station.
Miraculously, I make it.

1:15 pm – drop off extra teenage acquisition and head towards home with Molly, open the truck door, let her out, and drive back to Bellacino’s for the boys.

1:45 pm – arrive home. Take a deep breath. Realize that there is no way I’ll survive this day without ridding stress and adrenaline. So I change clothes head to the gym for a quick adrenaline draining.

3:30 pm – Molly and I head back to church for a rehearsal for me and a rehearsal for her. At 5:45, I leave rehearsal unfinished to go home for the boys and drop them at their respective small group locations.

6:30 pm – return home and talk to Allison as she dresses for work. I kiss her goodbye at 7:00 and warm a slice of pizza from Bellacino’s.

7:15 pm – go to gas station to fill can so that I can rescue Allison who has run out of gas and is stranded with her bike on the side of the road.

7:40 pm – pick up Molly late from church, collect the gear I’d left at the abandoned rehearsal, listen attentively to 75,000 words, stop by grocery store on way to collect the boys at their respective small group locations, 10 minutes late for each.

8:15 pm – arrive home. Slop some burrito goo on the stove and tell the rugrats I love them, but they’ll have to fend for themselves as I collapse for a temporary gathering of energy.

5:00 am – wake to early birds chirping outside the window, walk out onto the deck and consider jumping, change mind and sit down and have an hour silence before the kids wake up and begin the bustle.

7:15 am – drop Molly and her ‘cello off at school and return home to an abandoned, quiet, messy house.

7:45 amCOFFEE

all’s well that ends well.

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