Saturday, September 02, 2006

meet the candidate

I've decided that although brushboy's partnership offer was tempting, I will not impersonate General Zod. I desire a kinder, gentler nation than co-opting his campaign would allow for. I will be running on a moral platform (when it suits me), and so have realized that I will have to make sure that everyone knows who I am not. I will probably only be against things rather than describing what I am for, and I will describe myself simply as "not them."
So, as I throw my hat into the ring, here is a starter list of who I am not:

1. Embouchure Expert
2. founder of the Adelaide Theatre Guide
3. Katherine L. Vanderwerf's nephew
4. freelance voice-over artist
5. Amanda's dad
6. computer programmer
7. information systems manager
8. Fire Service Chaplain
9. fish photographer

Please do not confuse me with any of these impersonators seeking a quick 15 minutes of fame.
In fact, I'm inviting you, my constituency, to decide who I am.