Saturday, September 09, 2006

bona-fide biker

I’ve been trying to post about Al’s motorbike riding for over a month now. Until the first week of August, she was only riding up and down the street in front of the house and occasionally, I’d ride with her around a 2 mile loop that begins and ends in our neighborhood. At the beginning of August, we trailered both bikes to Pennsylvania by her request so that she could ride in the country without having to go through traffic to get there.
On her first real ride, we headed south through the corn fields over the magic hill-hopping roads of South-central PA. In no time (half-mile) we were outside civilization and having a blast. We didn’t pass many cars but did meet the occasional horse and buggy. We rode 53 miles on her first real ride, and she was hooked. We rode again the next day and the next.
When we got home she wanted to ride to work, so I rode with her the long way to stay off the interstate, but I couldn’t come get her the next morning, so she rode from work to church by herself. Since then, I’m almost certain she has not driven the cage to work. She is a bona-fide biker. That is, as of last night. She took her first legitimate night ride. As you long-time cyberdeck readers know, I’m an avid night ride rider. When I head out under the night sky, I often lose the strength to turn the bike around. It will be ever so much harder with Allison riding with me.
Last night we rode off at about 9:20, just as the just-past-full moon was rising above the treetops. She even survived the interstate for 20 miles, but I asked her not to do it yet without me. So after only 500 miles to her credit, she is on I-state, averaging 94 miles to the gallon (no that was NOT a typo – 94 miles to the gallon), and showing up at work happy to be there. I can relate to this feeling. Yes. 94 miles to the gallon. That means she can leisurely ride around for an hour of fun for about 75 cents. She can ride to work and back 3 times on a gallon of gas. That’s 80 cents per round trip, as opposed to $3.76 in her truck.
Get yourself a motorcycle.

My own gas mileage is nearly exactly half of Al's (but my engine is exactly 4.25 times bigger than hers - so as far as I'm concerned, she should be getting 188 mpg.)