Sunday, February 12, 2006


I know that stale posts on the blog and no updates must seem that the blogger has nothing to say. That is not how my blog works. One of the hardest things is when you get it in your head that a thought has to be depleted before moving on to all the other stuff that is playing in your head, but can't seem to complete the thought and move on. I have more to say about the canyon trip, but it just comes out muddled each time I try. Meanwhile, other topics and rambles are piling up at the bottleneck, and I've been reluctant to post and interrupt the canyon thing. Alas a week has gone by.
Used to be that this wouldn't bother me. I'd just go on about whatever was on my mind at the moment and come back to something if I needed to. For some reason, I guess I'm just reluctant to walk away from last weekend. The dam will break soon enough.
Meanwhile, Jack has posted three times on his blog about the experience. You should read his take on the whole thing. Kinda feels like reading the different accounts of the same events in the gospels. Same event, slightly different perspective. So for his account, go here. Of course they're in reverse chronological order. Scroll down and read them in the order that he posted them.
Also, I've uploaded some pics to flickr. You can see them here. You can comment about how awesome they are, you can view them in different sizes, download them, email them, print them, etc. You can even subscribe to an rss or atom stream and get new ones as I post them. Pretty awesome. Oh, and you can see them as a slideshow if you like.
So, thanks for your patience. New stuff coming soon.