Friday, July 29, 2005

the owning of a daddy's heart

"dad, what time will we get home? Can we stop for a drink?"

...ten minutes later:
", I can't wait to get home."
"you stayed away too long, huh?"
"long enough to have parts of me taken and left there. Dad, as many when-I-was-a-kid memories as you have, it's no wonder parts of you are scattered all over those hills."

... ten minutes later:
"dad, why are you such a good parent?"
"I don't feel like a very good parent. What makes you say that, Will?"
"I can't really explain it, you can't really be explained - it's just how you are."

..."dad, why is your right bicep square? (with cartoon voice) 'I am Mr. Square bicep.'"

...ten minutes later:
"dad, wanna know when I don't mind riding in the car? When it is raining."

...ten minutes later:
"dad, if I'm your hero, what does that make you?"
"less heroic than you, son." dot dot... like the broken white line down the middle of the dog-gone road...