Saturday, January 01, 2005

dawn 05

Because our home faces the colors of evening and the setting moon, it stole in from the back of the house. It made its way stealthily across the pond, through the mist of uncertainty, under the trees, across the yard and into the house. When it made it up to the bedroom window on the back of the house, all stealth was lost. The new year shone with a brightness that could not be ignored. The room was flooded with 05, broken only by dancing branches projected onto the walls and floor. When I made it to the window to witness the seige, the haze of 04 still hung about the yard, but was slowly burned away as last year dissappeared like a vapor to hang in the atmosphere - a scent to remember, a song to recall, but never again to be experienced.
Bring it on 05. Burn it all away. Start us off fresh. Flood us with promise. Take us where you will. Don't look back.