Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Be My Path, Be My Guide (day 5)

Monday, July 9, 2012
Louisville, KY
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After a hectic morning devising a way to get my bike downtown to the dealership, Travis brought me back to his house to hang while he went to work for the afternoon. The dealership is honestly the strangest thing I’ve ever seen. Harley Davidson / BMW Motorcycles of Louisville. I kid you not. How are we motorcyclists supposed to make fun of one another, if they sell our opposing bikes under the same roof? What has the world come to?

The guys at the dealership were quite nice and attentive, and immediately, 2 guys went to work on my bike. First, they did all the same things I’d done last night, and finding the same results came to believe it was the Hall Effect sensor, and had to order the part. Hopefully it will be here in the morning and my bike will be right as rain. (did I really just say that?)

This evening Travis and Lana made pizza for supper and afterward I rode trails on his dirtbike until dark. We talked, played pool and looked at old photos until bedtime.

Blessings, I tell you.