Saturday, July 26, 2008

riders on the storm

riders on the storm
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July 25, 2008
11:32 pm
Alamosa, CO

Today when I got the heck out of Dodge, I continued west across Kansas and entered Colorful Colorado.
I believe the miles are shorter in Colorful Colorado. In no time, I was in La Junta gazing west into dark clouds. Nevertheless, I set out across highway 10 toward Walsenburg. I saw absolutely no sign of humanity for the next 50 miles. At some point during that glorious trek, I realized it was time to pull over and dress out for the foreboding atmosphere that lie ahead. Lightning zigzagged across every inch of sky, and it didn't seem to be moving.
As I got closer, the air got cooler so that by the time I entered the rain, it was quite cold and windy.
By now, I could see the actual ground that was being struck by the bolts, some of them less than a hundred yards away. I'd never experienced lightning in 3D before - it's always been set against a black background in 2 dimensions. Seeing it strike specific spots close by was bone chilling.
I arrived in Walsenburg safe but shaken and cold.