Saturday, March 24, 2007

green and purple pervade

The Wisteria bloomed today. Allison texted me from downtown this morning. “Wisteria!”, she said. When she got home, she said she’d seen a tiny bit along Irmo drive. So Molly and I donned our helmets and took a ride this afternoon in anticipation of my first sighting of ’07. She was right, there was only a little along Irmo drive, but once we turned toward and crossed the dam, it was everywhere. It was dripping from the top of tall pine trees, over fences, speckled among the dogwoods and propped up in people’s lawns.
'07's firstAllison and I planted some in the backyard early last summer. It is getting some leaves, but I guess it’s too young to perform for me this year.
The pine pollen is dusting everything green. It had just gotten started last week and the rain kept it controlled for a few days. But we’ve had no rain all week. Everything is green. My driveway is green, the front steps are green, my whiskers are green, my red truck is green. I washed it last night and this morning it was already green again. I had my bike out for an hour today and it was already covered. I cleaned the windshield before I went to Jack’s track meet, but on the way home, I had to stop and wash it again to avoid staring through a hazy green filter.
My sinuses are clogged, my lungs are tight, my throat is sore, my eyes are swollen, and my legs ache. It’s worth it though. One day on a bike riding through the colors of spring is worth a week of swollen membranes, post-nasal drip, sore throat and achy muscles. No doubt. If I had a week off, I’d follow it north.

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