Tuesday, March 20, 2007

blog primavera

If you’re a winter-type person, I’ve got bad news for you. Your hours are numbered. You should spend today outside saying goodbye to old man freezy-breath, although ‘round these parts, today is not very wintry. It’s a poor effort as a last hurrah.
So tonight, shortly after dark, Spring will sneak in under the new moon and a vernacious miracle will take place. Spring and the Flower moon will be born and grow together.
Of course, ‘round these parts, most of equinoxical stealth has been rendered ineffective due to the color guard that has marched in ahead, blowing trumpet fanfares with daffodils, twirling forsythia, ringing summer snowflakes, and waving magnolia blossoms. Had Vern wanted to come in quietly he should have had the color guard bring up the rear.
At any rate, this evening it becomes official. Vern will be crowned emperor of the Northern Hemisphere, and his brother, Autumnus Sumer Leavus will be crowned in the South, each for a 3 month term.
My allegiance is with Vern for the moment.

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