Tuesday, September 13, 2005

turn turn turn

There is a season for sitting on the deck in the cool of the morning, taking your Wheaties®, and prepping for your day. Birds sing, a few cicadas hum, squirrels chase one another up and down and up and down. A breeze fans the leaves that will soon be lost and in need of raking.
Just a week ago, I found myself mourning the waning summer. A look at the calendar shows the waning of summer. Less than ten days left. But the calendar doesn't feel. The calendar knows no gradient. The calendar says, "first day of Autumn", and the brain says, "summer is gone". But in reality, we don't just walk through a doorway into autumn. There is a long, open corridor here in South Carolina. The nights gradually cool, the mornings are brighter and breezy, and the days clearer. The brighter stars and the brisk evening are as fresh as the new warm temps were 6 months ago.
So here I am eating my Wheaties® on the deck in the morning breeze, nearly ready to welcome the waxing of autumn. The three-quarter moon will rise early this afternoon, and begin its sky crossing unnoticed. It will shine its full harvest light on the 18th, and having done its job, will begin to wane with the summer.
Finally, I'm ready. Bring on the colors. Bring on the deck fires. Bring on the evening friends and conversation. Bring on the Sumatra.
Turn the page.