Thursday, September 22, 2005


this afternoon as I drove up I-26 on my way home, I glanced in my rearview and saw, about 10 car lengths back, a woman who appeared to be smiling very big. I wondered what she was laughing at. Maybe someone funny in the car with her, maybe something on the player? But as she closed in, and began to pass, I glanced over and noticed her smile unchanged. She was obviously not laughing.
When she got around me, I saw her Florida tags. I wondered if she'd driven all the way from Jacksonville with that unchanging smile on her face. She seemed to keep smiling as she overtook me and drove off into the distance.
I wondered if I could smile for the last 5 miles of my commute. I put one on, and by the time I reached my exit, it had faded.
Surely if she could drive at least 5 hours and then come into Columbia during rush hour and keep smiling, I could drive the rest of the way home contented.
I tried.