Friday, September 05, 2008

bikes and guitars

bikes and guitars
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To Hemiston, Or
430 miles (5,570)

I set my alarm last night for very early, so that I could hopefully make up time that I lost on the flat tire. It didn’t matter, I overslept anyway, and pressed out into the cold, damp, foggy, coastal morning and headed north. In about an hour, I came into Florence, Oregon, again frozen solid, and saw a shop with a huge sign, “Bikes and Guitars.” Perfect photo op, and chance to thaw, so I stopped. I noticed that I was right beside a coffee shop, so I stepped inside, grabbed a cup and waited out my circulation return. Once thawed, I pressed on another hundred miles or so, and turned inland toward Portland.
Poco a poco, the air warmed until I turned along the Columbia River Gorge and enjoyed the warm air and clearing sky. Under the first clear sky in days, I realized that it wasn’t as late as I thought it was, so I turned off the freeway onto the last remaining stretch of historic Rt. 30 toward Multnomah Falls.
When I returned to the I-state, I rode to Biggs, and crossed over to Washington hoping to camp on the river at Maryhill State Park. I rode up the mountain to see the Maryhill Museum and was astounded at the temperature difference. Once again frozen, and wind-blown, I came back down to the river and found several campgrounds full. This kept up – all campgrounds full. Defeated, I got back on the freeway and rode another hour to Hermiston and checked into a Motel 6, once again frozen, but still basking in the unbelievable beauty I’d seen ALL day.

For many reasons, the bikes and guitars photo op turned into a great thing. I thawed, I got the shot, I got a totally good cup of joe and a muffin, I got wifi and updated you, I listened to the banter of local folk in the shop, and...
I saw a guy wearing this awesome shirt.
See? I'm still with you Allison.
Orange for you Babe.