Thursday, April 26, 2007

a thousand thoughts

send me off forever, but I ask you pleaseWell, it’s Thursday, as it was when last we met. I’ve blogged a bunch of stuff in my head all week long, but when I found a moment to sit down to the computer and type my thoughts, they just seemed not to matter anymore. Unimportant, hopeless, too personal, irrelevant, blather. I know, that’s never stopped me before, but something seemed different this week and it wasn’t just busyness.
Indeed, free moments haven’t come until late at night, as I’ve been at work until very late every evening. Students are panicked about the semester coming to a close before they’re finished. But mostly, I think, my thoughts have just been about processing, observing and pondering. It hasn’t really seemed expressible. I’ve needed to take in the moment, feel my context and environment and just think on it.
I’ve carried my camera everywhere I’ve been lately. Some folks have even teased me about it. But it has been a bit of metaphor for the clichés of seizing the moment, smelling the roses, and to look outside one’s self. It has also provided a record of the process.
So I’ve posted a bunch of photos on my flickr page that seem to speak more clearly to what I’ve been thinking lately than my malformed sentences can do. I have a lot more photos that speak more deeply from my thoughts, but as in my ramblings, I’ve reserved them for the time being.
You may be interested to take a look at thoughts I haven’t written. If so, you’ll find them here.

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