Monday, February 12, 2007

not what I meant to write

Sometimes the thoughts in my head get so myriad and backlogged that I can’t form a coherent sentence through the keyboard to put anything out there. I am thinking about so many things, but can’t seem to quiet my mind long enough to stay on task and say anything meaningful.

Tonight, Allison made the mistake of sitting across the table from me for a moment when we returned from the gym. The moment turned into an hour during which she had to listen to sample snippets from all my thought topics. They might be considered “teasers” if there were complete formed thoughts to follow, but in fact, she didn’t even know she was listening to malformed snippets from many different angles, and so sat there obediently and endured the barrage. That’s what a good wife does, I guess.

On Saturday morning, I sat in Rising High and started writing about something that turned out to be entirely something else. I never got around to saying what I meant to write about. I’m trying right now, but this is what you get instead.