Wednesday, November 16, 2005

more night sky metaphor

Last night, I walked out of rehearsal just as the full frost moon rose above the library. Of course she didn’t wear her ruby pendant – she got up later tonight and didn’t have time to put it on. Mars had beat her above the horizon by about 50 minutes and twinkled above her. I had to stop, turn and take in the brilliance of both of them. As I turned back around to walk back to my office I saw Venus lighting the other side of the sky, preparing to retire for the night.
I thought to myself that it was an almost comical illustration. There they were, Mars and Venus, on opposite sides of the sky. He was just getting up as she was settling down. He could see her over there, no one could miss her, but he could never catch up. Huge sky between. He’ll race all night, and just about the time he gets ready to fall below the horizon, she’ll pop up to light the morning just before the sun.
I wonder if she’s been jealous these past few nights, with him hanging so close to the moon, escorting her across the night sky. I wonder if he gets frustrated as she plays hard-to-get and ducks just as he makes his appearance.
Who knows how they behaved tonight behind the thick clouds that soaked me all the way through on my bike ride home from work. When the sky finally cleared, there he was, in the middle of the sky looking for her, but she’d long since settled down on the other side of the lake.
Right now, the moon shines through high wispy clouds that hide the peak of the Leonid shower. The firewood is all wet, the night is cool and besides the short treks out there to look up with the hopes of catching a shooting star, the observation deck stands empty except for oak tree shadows cast by the moon.