Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Invisible Man on First

Quiet time. Time spent with God. Prayer. Why is it all so hard? This relationship often seems to be one in which two people try to force themselves to like each other – like we’ve been introduced at a family reunion and left to spend the day as if we have something in common. Seems that if we could learn to be comfortable with God as our Father and Friend, we would be more comfortable with having to go to Him for guidance, help, forgiveness.
I remember childhood friendships that never required coaching. I remember spending hours playing wiffle ball with a friend without a curriculum. You topped the bat toss, you hit first. No acrostic to help us remember what to talk about. Invisible man on first. Do you think Tony Perez could beat Tony Dorsett in a game of make-it-take-it? Could the Cowboys beat the Reds in basketball?
No specific location where all is just perfect. The tall pine tree is a home-run. The boxwood is a foul ball.
Yes, we need intentional, planned, routine quiet time with God, but when that gets so forced that it seems like an exercise - when we dread it like we should dread the idea of not being with God, we need just to relax and be with Him the way friends can just be together. We need just to enjoy Him. I believe He is glorified in this.
I used play guitar with friends for hours. Hang with the baseball team in the dorms playing guitar for hours. How can my guitar playing for God become so theoretical? Why do I have to justify it as worship?
I know what I mean by it. God knows my heart. Why do I have to worry about what someone else doesn't understand?
I’ve learned that approaching God this way provides an astounding realization. His willingness to let me count Him a friend somehow leads me to the knowledge of my unworthiness to be counted His friend. I realize how He is meeting my real needs, and so I begin to relax and have fewer perceived needs. I feel a peace that only He can provide. Yet He has asked me to come to Him as a little child. As a child who is well taken care of, I ask what any kid would ask of his dad, “Wanna play some wiffle ball”?
“Invisible Man on first”!

© 2003 rod lewis