Monday, February 23, 2009


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If you're a symbol person, symbols aren't just for your own good, but also, you can become a symbol for others around you.
Saturday I was reading N.T. Wright, and he said, when people aren't surrounded by beauty, they begin to lose hope.

Though, I'm not beautiful myself, I can certainly bring beauty to where it has long since gone missing.
Honestly, I think most people are about symbols as much as I am. There are symbols on display everywhere. Everyone seems to express beauty or the lack thereof. We've all got something to say.
There are places into which you can walk and have your breath taken by the decay, neglect, disrespect, and abuse.
Here is one. But I called it beautiful, took it's photo, and you agreed. Some things can become beautiful simply by being called beautiful. Space can be reclaimed, and ruin, reborn.

Early Sunday morning the sun rose across the Canal and Congaree River and shone it's light through these huge shattered windows. It does it ever morning.
I guess I could continue to let the sun rise on the forgotten, or I could go provide a soundtrack for the inevitable.