Monday, October 09, 2006

gathering 2

So the week between "the dress looks nice on you", and "full", was full. Hey, even the full moon blog was 2 days late. But I did a lot of blogging, just didn't get anything in a coherent form. I did a talk on Wednesday, that I will edit blogstyle and post, and the nice looking dress, part 2 is imminent.
However, there is a possibility that things may get sidetracked for a few days by other more immediate thoughts and responses. I'm writing now at gate 1, awaiting my flight to Albuquerque. I'll be driving up to the Santa Fe area for the Emergent Gathering. This will be my second year to attend, and I am very excited.
As I left the house this morning, Jack hugged me and said, "blog every day", so I guess I gotta. Stay tuned.

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