Saturday, January 21, 2006


If I could give one piece of advice to bloggers everywhere, it would be not to start a tradition of blogging about family members’ birthdays. It is an innocent trap to fall into – the day comes, you sit at your computer and are filled with love and fuzzies about this person who is marking another year of wisdom and life experience. You reminisce about all this person has meant to you. Your fingers begin to dance upon the keyboard and the next thing you know, you’ve written a masterpiece of tribute, love, and honoring gratitude over the contribution this person has had in your life.
By and by, a year passes. “Oh man, I’ve started something here.” No problem, you couldn’t possibly have paid proper tribute to such an important person in only one blog. So the emotion flows and the keys click and next thing you know, the whole world shares in the meaning that this person has for you.
By and by, a year passes. “Oh man, what can I possibly say that won’t sound sentimental, and patronizing, and obligatory due to the precedent I’ve set?” This one is impossible. No matter how much of the same love and gratitude you feel, compounded daily within the past year, and accruing interest at 62%, there is no way to verbalize it this time without putting everyone who doesn’t share the connection into a deep humoring sleep. You are concerned about slobber on your readers’ keyboards. You are concerned about eyes rolled from the object of your verbose affection. You wish Helen Steiner Rice would just write something in the ballpark of your emotions and get you off the hook. But it ain’t going to happen. You’re stuck and you know it.
So today is Mom’s birthday. You know not what to do. Then it hits you. If this doesn’t embarrass her, and this doesn’t embarrass her. Then surely this will.
Happy birthday Mom. May your 26th birthday be full of joy. I know my 24th will be.