Wednesday, December 21, 2005

deck remodeling

For the past few days, I’ve been working on a new manifestation of my blog. Since May, I’ve been obsessed with organizing it according to topics, a little luxury that is not available from blogger. So as soon as school was out for the summer, I set about placing all my posts in categorized folders on my own computer, but that only benefited me. I know, you’re thinking, who else cares? But you never know. Anyway, I’ve been obsessed with it.
So recently I built a new blog that allows for categorization. Right now, it contains all the same content that you’ve become accustomed to, as I imported all my posts and all the related comments. But I’ve been working on the look, and making all the bells and whistles work properly. So far, the biggest obstacle has been creating something that internet explorer can actually display in Windows. Almost everything I’ve created on the site has not worked properly in Windows using IE. It looks fine in both operating systems in Firefox, and it looks fine in IE on Mac. Go figure.
Right now, 53% of my visitors are using IE, 31% are using Firefox, and 11% are using Safari. 68% of you are still using Windows and 31%, Macintosh.
So I’ve either got to decide whether to have a site that looks generic and business-like, but works in IE for Windows, or I’ve got to say, “get with the 21st Century and dump IE. It’s not like Netscape and Firefox aren’t free and much, much better.
So as I tweak and make these decisions, the new blog is sitting there in its Beta version. Has anyone the courage to visit and let me know what you see? You can leave feedback at either site and I’ll have a better idea of who can read it and who can’t.
Maybe if I get it acceptable to everyone, eventually I can shoo you all over there for a better browsing experience. In the meantime, maybe you should go ahead and download Firefox.
The new blog is here.